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Cyber Risk
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Aka Cyber Insurance is proud to offer a vital Cyber Liability Protection Plan.  Both Tech Firms and end-user clients can now obtain broad  coverages at low rates! now provides a vital Cyber Liability Protection Plan.  Both
Insureds and end-user clients can now obtain broad  coverages at low

Attached is an Overview & Basic Users Guide   

List of Key Coverages
  • Include Cyber Liability in your Security as a Service & other Technology Product
    Portfolio or offerings.  
  • Unique 3 Step Data Theft Risk Management & Insurance Program:  Exclusive  
    Prevention, Protection and Response Program.  
  • Automatic Identity Protection to all full time employees.*
  • Firewalls, anti-virus and other  IT Service measures are critical.  Just as important is a
    cyber protection plan to complete the overall equation.
  • Data Losses are hard to stop.  Hacks and breaches do occur.  Whether it be a
    disgruntled or rogue employee, a failure in network security, or even stolen equipment
    your clients face a significant cyber & financial threat.
  • The losses from Identity Theft, HIPAA Violations, PCI / Fraudulent Credit Card Charges,
    etc. that result from a hack or breach alone can be devastating if not  unrecoverable for
    a business.   
  • The TechRisks BIZLock Cyber Insurance Plan has been carefully designed to uniquely
    address the exposures. Our cyber product offerings provide comprehensive, market
    leading protection and pricing.

Proactively help your customers address & solve this cyber issue.  Set yourself
apart from your competition.  Include this in your product and insurance
portfolio today
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vary by state.  Any coverage summaries are for illustrative purposes only and should in no way be considered a complete and final summary of any insurance coverages available or provided.  All policies
are subject to policy terms, conditions, exclusions and final insurance carrier underwriting approval.

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